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About Us

Our mission is to establish a scalable model for providing young boys with recurrent exposure to fun & interactive learning experiences that include computer programming, website design, 3D game animation, app design, coding with robots & drones, and a variety of other STEM activities. In addition, there is an explicit and simultaneous focus on strengthening students' persistence and problem-solving skills while building their self-confidence.


Increase the student's general awareness of STEM education and careers.


Provide students with technology-rich experiences that develop the skills needed for pursuing advanced STEM education and entering the STEM workforce.


Motivate students to pursue the education necessary to participate in those careers.


Partner with individuals, corporations, and organizations who will support and advance our mission of exposing young males to technology and STEM opportunities.

“Be conscious of your words and actions.”

- Coach Brown


IACYF believes the greatest impact for growth and success starts when boys are young

Our focus is to help develop the gifts within and build self-confidence to position our mentees to lead successful and productive lives. The goals of IAC are to positively impacted mentees by making them more engaged in their school work, harbor better social and behavior skills, exhibit greater self-control and have more positive feelings about school and home.